Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

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Real Estate

Real Estate is considered an essential service, as housing needs must be met.  During this time, our Realtors® remain hard at work, and are available to assist you with any of your real estate needs. If you are wondering what methods and practices are being utilized to promote safety and well-being during this time, please read on to learn more. 

Online Options:

Virtual Conferencing: Using remote conferencing services, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, you can still get face-to-face with your Realtor®. Your agent can set up a meeting, allowing you to login with any laptop, tablet or smartphone equipped with a microphone and camera. Use video conferencing  to interview a Realtor® you may be interested in working with, go over paperwork for listing or buying a home, discuss offers, or any other topic you may like to discuss with your agent. 
E-Signatures: Your Realtor® can send any forms and/or required paperwork for you to fill out, initial, or sign straight to your email! With just a few short steps to set up your signature, you can have the forms completed and returned to your agent in no time!
Virtual Tours: Is there a property that appears to be exactly what you’re looking for but you’re not comfortable touring a home in person right now? That’s ok! Some properties already have virtual tours available, so ask your Realtor® to check for tours and send you a link. If a tour isn’t already available online, discuss the possibility of having your Realtor® tour the property and shoot a video walk-through for you. 
Facebook/Instagram Live: This option is less formal than a virtual conference, and the video quality may not be adequate for shooting the first walk-through of a property, but if you need to be “present” with your Realtor® for a short period of time, this may be the easiest option for those familiar with these social media platforms. 

In-Person Guidelines:


If you would still like to view a property in person at this time, please discuss the possibility of doing this with your Realtor®. While property showings are still permitted, our agents have guidelines from the state that they must follow and you should be aware of those restrictions:

•No one under the age of 18 should be allowed to attend property showings.
•You must travel in 2 cars, please do not ride with your Realtor®.
•Be mindful of maintaining 6’ physical distance from others at all times.
•Please refrain from touching surfaces inside the home.
•Showings are limited to the immediate family of interested buyers and small group guidelines must be observed. 
•All individuals attending showings are asked to please follow CDC recommended prevention measures, such as proper hand washing and not attending showings if you or someone in your home is showing signs of illness.


•Holding Open Houses is strictly prohibited at this time. You may discuss the possibility of a virtual Open House with your agent, if you feel it would be beneficial. 
•Make sure to disinfect all surface areas before and after your home being shown.
•Open interior doors and turn all lights on before your home is shown to minimize touching. 

Please remember, Blue Ridge Realty & Investments is always at your service. During this unprecedented time, when home means more to us than it ever has, please know we are here to not only look after all of your real estate needs, but also to ensure your health and safety while doing so.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


*Showing practices outlined by NC Realtors and High Country Multiple Listings Services. To be enforced for as long as COVID-19 remains a threat or until the State of Emergency is lifted.